What we do

What we do

We are a learning organisation: We support our clients and their audiences to reflect and learn, and through this we develop and shape our approach.

Our unique mix of clients span the Art, Science, Cultural, Higher education, Digital and Corporate sectors. This has enabled us to build up a deep understanding of people, participation and the impact of a well-designed project.

Since 2006 we have delivered 100’s of projects, spanning digital strategies, educational content, and evaluation. Inspired by the theory of ‘flow’, we ensure that people have the right balance of challenge and support to be optimally engaged.

Our research and policy work helps shape dialogues and programmes in areas of cultural learning, sustainable futures and digital strategy. Our particular expertise includes:

  • Audience research: Who engages with you and why? Who doesn’t? How do people experience your services?
  • Story of Change: Planning and evaluating projects, developing tools to facilitate and capture change.
  • Public Engagement with Research: Training and mentoring for researchers, evaluating impact for publics, researchers and institutions. Find out more

We apply Experience Design Thinking to our work, an approach that takes the experience of an individual as a starting point, defining the change you want to see before choosing the tools to achieve or measure this.