Public Engagement with Research – Evaluation, Support and Training

Flow Associates are here to support you with actively involving the general public in your research. Public engagement is a vital skillset for researchers and yet accessing training for planning, delivery and evaluation can be difficult. We bring with us over 15 years of experience in working with universities, research institutes and funders to help you design your public engagement with impact in mind.
We offer support with audience engagement, planning PER activity, datacollection, impact evaluation, and dissemination of findings. Through well designed public engagement activity you will create opportunities
for people to connect with your work in ways that can have multiple benefits for people’s lives, your research and wider society. Taking the
 needs and perspectives of the public into consideration from the start ensures PER can support a collaborative and inclusive research process that goes beyond increasing public understanding or consultation, enabling you to articulate, communicate and demonstrate lasting impact.

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No matter what the stage of your research, whether it be in planning and funding application stage or in delivery, we will work with you to:

Build Inclusiveness – ensuring that research is inclusive and reflects the needs and perspectives of the wider community.

Maximise Impact – increasing the impact and relevance of research by addressing real-world problems and needs.

Nurture Trust – creating public trust and understanding of research and its outcomes.

Recognise Accountability – planning for accountability and transparency in their work.

Collaborate – generating new partnerships and collaborations, both within and outside of the university.

Attract Funding – demonstrating that your public engagement is a way to demonstrate the impact and relevance of research.

Identify Educational Opportunities – seeing how your research can serve as an educational opportunity for researchers and students, allowing them to learn about different perspectives and broaden their understanding of their field.

Evaluating Public Engagement and Co-Design

Our experience in evaluation will enable you to capture and share the impact of your research and public engagement. Our established training, models and tools provide you with the expertise to embed best practice evaluation into your research with quantitative and qualitative insights. Our evaluation provides an evidence-based approach to demonstrating the value of public engagement, enabling you to refine and learn from your research and provide a clear picture of what has been achieved.

In creating evaluation methodologies, we will co-design and co-deliver with you, building your capacity and capabilities for future projects. We pride ourselves on robust and useable reporting, providing clear insights and actions with transparency at its core.