Arts Council England & Art Fund


Arts Council England & Art Fund

Flow Associates were commissioned by Art Fund and the Arts Council to explore the potential for national youth provision in the Visual Arts. The study arose from a question:

if there are national youth schemes in music and the performing arts, what are the gaps in youth provision in the Visual Arts and what kind of programme could help fill them?

A first phase of information gathering resulted in an understanding of what already exists in this area, and the systemic issues affecting young people’s access to learning and careers in the Visual Arts.  Situation Analysis and Comparative review of programmes in Visual Arts and in other artforms, as well as initial conversations with young practitioners and Visual Arts education experts enabled us to map the current context and engage with museums, galleries, charities and youth organisations nationally.

This informed the second phase of our research, enabling us to offer a ‘Story of Change’ for a possible programme of a new form of creative provision for young people. We consulted across the UK, facilitating co-design sessions with young people, creative professionals and providers, and conducted extensive interviews with visual arts leaders.