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Clandon House – National Trust

Clandon House is a major project for the National Trust, reimagining the role of historic homes in their ownership. In 2015, a fire destroyed the house leaving just the bare bones of the once grand home. The opportunities for the interpretation and  architecture to bring in new types of audiences and create new programmes for a diverse range of visitors were informed by in-depth visitor research, consultation and collaboration with the National Trust’s teams.

Flow Associates collaborated with exhibition design studio Pimental and Partners:

  • Contributing to the delivery of RIBA Stage 2 and 3
  • Create an audience plan to guide design and to carry out consulation to iterate the interpretive approach
  • Refined the National Trust’s target audiences for a new kind of historic home experience
  • Guided the National Trust in consultation for the statutory planning permission process creating a toolkit for best practice and supporting the design of public exhibitions
  • Worked with the exhibition team to refine the interpretation to engage new future audiences
  • Guided workshops for architects Allies and Morrison through feedback from public consultation on the design and identifying areas for co-design with the local communities